Hibernation and evacuation

This week has been tough. In fact, the past two weeks have been tough. Scratch that, the past month has been bloody awful. More and more ladies from my support group have passed on, a friend from home died from cancer, and I’ve still been feeling like I’ve been punched in the stomach from Ceri … Continue reading


I’ve not posted for a long time, and there are several reasons….one, I’m just trying to get on and live and two, I’ve not really known what to say. Great things have happened since I last posted, one of which was I got married! Again just getting on with life! Myself and my husband have … Continue reading

A large glass of red please

The dreaded PET scan happened and was actually very positive! For those who have never had a ct scan, I had the old ‘contrast going in and feeling like you wet yourself’ feeling as anticipated…the scan lasted longer than I had hoped and they hovered round my head for ages, obviously putting the fear of … Continue reading

So, here we are

I’m sure some of you will see the music reference. Music has played a big part in things recently as I’ve been trying to ‘get my matters in order’ or… In real terms, sort out my funeral. Which is weird. It’s almost dream like having to do that, write all your letters, get things prepared…..just … Continue reading

I can’t get no sleep…

Insomnia rules supreme so I’ve resorted to a short blog to try and trick myself into shut eye. This blog is sponsored by Ativan, or Lorazepam to you and me, so I cannot promise that it won’t turn into an incoherent ramble. Or maybe they are all incoherent rambles…..anyway, I digress… I’m awake primarily because, … Continue reading


The wondrousness of social media allows us all to keep our fingers on the pulses…to stay in touch….to meet up with Sally from middle school who you’ve not seen in an age. But it also serves as a cry for help, a ‘dirty laundry’ if you will; a public fall from grace. It’s no secret … Continue reading

Tax truck honk honk

After a lot of decisions and mmmmming and ahhhing, I decided to return to my original doctor and hospital. Cost, so I have been assured by all fundraisers and helpers, is not an issue and if we need more money, then we will find more money. It’s dawned on me that this time, I need … Continue reading

“I’m sorry…it’s not good news…”

“We can’t figure out where your infection is, so I think it’s best we give you a ct scan…” That ct scan ‘lit up like a Christmas tree’, unfortunately showing all of the metastasised cancer in my body. I’d been having some back pain for a while, and a bone scan and MRI confirmed there … Continue reading

Well hello there!

Well hello there!

So, it’s been 8 months since my last post. Lots of stuff has happened, but mostly, I’ve been living my life and keeping the attitude of, well if it gets me then at least I’ve lived! Kind of morbid to some, but that’s my life now. As all bc survivors know: you’re never quite clear … Continue reading

Hairwatch! 7 weeks post-chemo joy.

There’s no other reason for this post except gratuitous praising of new hair growth 🙂 I cannot explain how happy I am that everything is growing again; it tells me my body is recovering from the absolute battering it has taken over the past 8 months (I can hardly believe it’s been that long). I … Continue reading